Friday, April 9, 2010

Bad Wolf Graphics & D&V Creations 60L sale / 10 - 11 Apr

This week D&V Creations would like to present to you Bad Wolf Graphics. And for the 60L sale Bad Wolf is offering you an amazing texture pack of Striped Wallpaper with Crown Molding. This is definitely some of the most elegant wallpaper I've seen. It's got a satiny look to it that makes you just want to touch it. The stripes are the same basic color, just different texturing, and they are wonderfully subtle but add so much dimension and depth. And the crown molding is just to die for, especially with the sculpted details and the color matching base boards at the bottom. Who doesn't like the rich look and feel of crown molding? You get 10 great colors to choose from in just one pack. You can do all the walls the same, or mix and match them for the perfect combination.

I like to mix and match ass you can see here. I had this lovely carpet I've been wanting to use and this wallpaper pack made matching it so easy. I used amaretto and taupe on the walls and they compliment each other and the rug and furniture very nicely. As you can see, I'm just sitting here now trying to figure out what else I'm going to bring in to make this room one of the best in my house. I thought about making it the library, but no way am I covering up most of this wallpaper with book cases. So I think I will make it my personal study/reading room instead. Yes, I certainly plan to spend a lot of time in this room, even as minimal it is now, it makes me feel decadent.

Bad Wolf Graphics is a division of D&V Creations and you will find them inside the store. You all know how hard it is to find great textures at decent prices, there is no way you can beat this pack for 60L.

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