Friday, February 19, 2010

Cool free lashes from Oceane's Body Boutique

Oceane's Body Boutique has a cool new group gift out for us all. Join the group for free by searching Oceane Waves or from my profile. The gift is called Roses 'n Thorns Lashes Green and it's in the past notices. Lashes are so much fun to play with on SL, and these are some great ones, very full with green accents on them. I had a lot of fun playing with them as you can see from the pictures. Don't you just love my hair styles? LOL I'm not usually a red head, but it's fun to play like this sometimes. *smiles*

My skin is the free group gift from Belleza, it's free to join their group right now and you can get this skin or a male skin free at their store. You can search Belleza or find them in my profile, be sure to wear you tag when you go to get the skin. Mine is called Alyson and comes in many different shades, and the male skin is called Thomas.

All hair shown is House of Heart and was not free.


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