Friday, February 5, 2010

Free from A&k Designs

Ohh Ohh, you have to check out this hot little number from A&k Designs. It's just right for Valentine's day and best of all it's free! It's called Valentine Hearts Lingerie, and I think it's easy to see why. *laughs* It covers an amazing amount of skin for something so skimpy. I just love the heart cut out in the bodice and the gloves make me just want to run my hands all over everything. *Thinks her man better watch out come Valentine's Day* I'm throwing this one in the very back of the closet so there is no chance he will see it before the big day. I can NOT wait to see the look on his face when I come strolling into the room with this sexy scrap of material on.

Let me set the scene: Candle light dinner for two, half eaten deserts still on the table, sexy man sipping champagne in front of a roaring fire while I'm off in the bathroom changing. I let one lace covered hand slip around the door, the soft scrape of the material just enough to draw his attention as I allow the side of my body to show briefly. I move my hips sensuously so he catches glimpses of the smooth skin along my hips and butt cheek, one eye peeking out to gauge his reaction. As I see his breathing pick up I very slowly allow my whole body to slide into view, striking a very sexy pose that I know he can not resist as I do so. Loving the fact that his breath catches in his throat as I am completely revealed to him.

I bet you 50L it takes him a full minute to remember to Adrianna has been kind enough to include the sweet little heart pasties I am wearing in this pic with the outfit, for those of you that either need a little more modesty or just want to drag out the suspense. *giggles and winks* Rush on over to A&k Designs so you can have a night to remember also!

PS...My eyes are Exodi and were free as a group gift this month. Nothing else I am wearing was free, but my skin is Cupcakes and my hair is House of Heart.

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