Friday, February 26, 2010

Ela Designs 60L Sunday sale 27/28 Feb

Elara has had people begging her for something to match the awesome bracelet set she had in the sale a few weeks ago, so guess what you all get from Ela Designs this weekend...
YUP, she is granting your wishes! Here is the perfectly matching choker to go with the awesome bracelets you all loved so much. I know, I can't get enough of them, I wear them all the time. *laughs*

The choker is black, white, and silver, with leather straps and bands, and also large and small beads. All the different shapes, textures, sizes, materials, widths, and placements of each piece on this choker combine to draw the eyes and make this a very interesting set. You have smaller silver beads, larger white beads with a touch of black, round leather bands, flat buckled leather bands, bands attached to bands, etc. One of my favorite aspects of this set is how it looks like one of the silver beaded necklaces is broken and just wrapped for fun. But I also love the buckled leather choker because it looks like a collar...Mmmmmm *grins widely*

Ok, now I get to tell you all about something that has had me SALIVATING for days!!! And I'm not even half-way kidding. Elara has been very kind to take a suggestion of mine and turn it into something amazing for you all to enjoy right here in SL. I've been bouncing in my seat waiting for today so I could show this to everyone. *laughs loudly* I have not seen this anywhere else and think it's super, super hot and sexy. You MUST, and I mean MUST see these brand new *wipes her brow* amazing *takes a deep breath* garter stocking piercings. *swoons* These are so sexy that every man I have given a sneak peak to has drooled all down his chin...seriously!

See what I mean? I bet you don't even take the time to finish reading this before clicking the link to head to Ela Designs...LOL...but I'm going to finish anyway because I just can't stop. You get these very cool fishnet stockings with beautiful lace at the top and bottom, and to make sure they don't slip down your silky smooth legs just use the HOT HOT HOT pierced garters. Clip the beautifully detailed twisted lace into the two thick silver rings nestled in the center of your thighs, then clip the other end into the lower rings along with the top of the stockings..and Voila, sexiness that no man can resist. And if that wasn't enough, Ela couldn't resist adding the cute little chains to the bottom piercing to draw the eye even more. And you know, you just know I couldn't resist taking some pics of myself in these amazing garters. Take a gander and enjoy!

If you stuck around to see my pictures, thank you...but if not that means you are already at Ela Designs as you should be. *grins widely*

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