Saturday, February 13, 2010

Provocative Corsets & Valentine gift @ Orquidea

The gorgeous Orquidea Valentine hat is a Subscribo giftie. The Hat is fully scripted for resizing and is also transferable!

If you are still looking for an undersated but provocative outfit for Valentine's Day then you might like to try a corset! I love corsets, especially this White one by the vintage style shop Orquidea, who make the most beautifully detailed Corsets for only $120. You will also find a lovely vintage tattoo (free!) & the gorgeous Valentine Hat (subscribo gift! see above) plus a selection of figure hugging silk dresses..really pretty designs.

The corset comes in a lots of colours including red for Valentine's (see display below). There is something about corsets which I like..maybe it is because you can dress them down with torn jeans or up with metallic/leather pants & still look smart! I find myself wearing this corset each time I am faced with that dreaded "what to wear" dilemma. Yes, believe it or not it is still possible to have nothing wear even with a bulging invent...:). Oh, I dressed the corset up with the Ganked Jewellery (free!)

I also wanted to show you the beautiful skin from Mango Mango (Sea Face in Pale) which you can still get for $50 at the Valentine's Bazaar. There are 4 skins to choose from..all colourful & fun to wear!

The colours to choose from ....


~White Corset @ Orquidea (only $120) (Tip: Look for the purple dress which is only $10 & the Vintage Tattoo is free & hit that subscribo for the Valentine hat!)

~Skin is Sea Face in Pale from Mango Mango* ($50 special @ Valentines Bazaar (open until 17th Feb)

~Pearlblossom Necklace @ Ganked Jewellery (Free!)

~Jeans & Brown dress in top pic @ Miseria

~MRI Darkbrown Hair @Liriope (Tip: this is a great shop for dollabies, lucky chairs etc)

~White sofa is by Morantique

~Auriole Shape (unreleased) @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you all get lots of kisses & cuddles and if you are single, surrender to a tub of icecream, chocolate & good chick flic..blissss... ;)

Have fun!

Xanthe xx

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