Saturday, February 6, 2010

le Monde Fine Furniture - 60L Sunday 6/7 Feb sale

Ohhh, tap into your Asian desires with this great package from le Monde Fine Furniture. You will get an awesome large picture of Mt. Fuji, a beautiful tatami mat, a Japanese table, two kneeling pillows, a lamp with particle affects, and an adorable bonsai tree. And can you believe all of that is only 13 prims?

I am sure you have a small corner of your house or garden that these items would look lovely in. Just think of having it handy when your closest friend visits one late afternoon and you just want to relax with a hot pot of tea. The color scheme is very traditional with red/oranges, tan/golds, blacks...very earthy tones that fit almost anywhere. Both pillows each have a kneeling pose in the traditional style of the Japanese tea houses. And the lamp is covered in the traditional white, opaque rice paper. Ok, I'll stop saying it now, but you do realize it's all very traditional, right? *laughs* This is a great package any time, but especially for only 60L. See you at le Monde Fine Furniture.

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