Friday, February 19, 2010

Shameless Bits 60L Sunday, and now Saturday too!

From Shameless: A nice romantic night at home. Candles lit. Champagne poured. The sound of the tub water flowing. Bubbles filling the air. Bringing the outside in with a trellis covered in roses and vines. And a beautiful warm copper tub awaiting you and the one you love!! Their soapy hands making you purr with delight! And a sweet kiss to warm you through and through!

She's not kidding either, this tub from Shameless Bits is beautiful and sexy. I just love how the bubbles float around in the air. *grins* Shameless mentions bringing the outside in, but what about taking the inside out? Try setting this up in a secluded garden and see how romantic that is...ohhh la la. I really love the copper cub, it's so old world romantic. Not to mention the flower covered trellis, champagne, candles, 2 single animations, and 2 couple animations...what more could you ask for?

Take your lover's hand and stroll through the garden, admiring how the moon light plays on the different flowers. As you round the corner you hear your lover draw in their breath, knowing the candle light is sparkling off the copper of the tub and the crystal of the glasses, lighting up the steam and bubbles coming off the water in the tub. When you reach the tub you turn to them and slowly begin to undress them, smiling softly into their eyes. A light of understanding brightens their eyes and they begin to undress you also. You both slip into the tub and your lover begins to wash your luxurious hair, you moan in pleasure and let the feeling of their fingers and the warm soapy water relax you. You start to drift off listening to the sounds of the night creatures when your lover turns and places you on their lap for a long sensual kiss. Mmmmmm, you just have to love that! See you at Shameless Bits this weekend, I know you won't miss this one.

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