Friday, February 26, 2010

Ear Candy 60L Sunday sale - 27/28 Feb

Ut comes Ear Candy with another awesome sale set for you! And I just LOVE Maeve's sense of humor, I keep giggling at the name of this great set "Screwed". *giggles again* It's amazing how you can take the most innocent items and make people think such naughty thoughts...well me anyway. HAHA But today not only do you get a necklace and earrings, but you also get two wrist cuffs/bangles and an awesome purse to match. It's so hard to find deals like this.

The jewelry is white with gold adornments, and screw heads as decorative attachments. So it's quite obvious where she got the name for the set, but what a cleaver idea! I love the size of each of these pieces, they are large without being too large and overwhelming. And while Maeve sticks to the theme of the set, she doesn't make every piece look exactly that same, which is awesome. It gives you a reason to check out each item individually. The way the gold contrasts with the white in these pieces just makes them eye catching, and trying to figure out if those are really screws holds the eyes to you. *grins* Oh and the often do merchants make you perfectly matching purses to go with the rest of your accessories? Not very often, I can tell you that...LOL The purse is a great hand bag with touches of blue to make it pop even more. It also has gold stitching and an adorable buckle flap. (These are actually the accessories I paired with my outfit mentioned from Snowpaw's to go to the bar, and it could NOT have been more perfect.)
I'm really in love with this amazing set, and I know you will be also. Head on over to Ear Candy and snatch these up this weekend.

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