Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Magic!

You'll have to hurry down to Sn@tch to their in-store Fish For This, called "Teenage Witchcraft". There are 21 pieces to the outfit including shoes and multiple shirt & skirt styles, so settle in with a good IM convo or a good book and let your avi fish her heart out while you entertain yourself. (If you want to fish with bait for xp, Sn@tch has a 7 Seas vendor in house. You can catch the outfit without bait, too.) But Ivey tends to turn over the outfits in the fishing area pretty fast, so I can't say how much longer you have to catch catch catch! How worth it is this, though??

I'm sporting another fantastic Freebie Fashionista 1K members celebration gift, the Amy Shape* Special FF Giftie from Curvy Silhouettes by Xa! Check group notices - it was sent on the 20th. Thanks Xanthe!

Also worn: CUPCAKES February Group Gift skin in Cameo (I blogged the Nutmeg version the other day); kyoko's Hair Shop **White Well** ww*hair-034:D.Blown in-store gift; KOSH Eyes 67 ($30); Crissy Designs **My Mascara Eyelashes** ($50).

There's something simply magical about the color purple, especially when it ever-so-sweetly kisses your skin. That's what's going on in A.Y.Y.'s latest gift skin, available on the counter in the shop. I'm wearing the ..::A.Y.Y::.. (Bald) Tan - Kimberly - 1 version.

Inspired by the violet hues I took a wander through the CUPCAKES gigantic discount room, looking for the perfect little purple dress to model. And I found it, for a mere $25L! It's called *CUPCAKES Frontrunner Dress - Purple (RG). Just TP up to their discount area and prepare to be amazed.

Also worn: In Her Shoes [IHS] Bows Bows Distressed Black ballet flats, currently available for $0L; :KC: Hair - zeHair - Charcoal hair currently a $19L sale item in their discount area; and the usual KOSH eyes & Crissy Designs eyelashes!

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