Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shameless Bits - 60L Sunday 6/7 Feb sale

Wow, check out this Courtship Gazebo from Shameless Bits...A clear starry night sky, candles flickering all around, the sound of "You Are So Beautiful" playing softly. Standing in your lovers arms. Feeling the light breeze over your body as their arms wrap around you in a loving embrace and you feel your blood heat up. Then they take you in their arms and lift you to meet them in a loving kiss.

I love the way ShamelessTrouble describes her items, and since I have been so sick this week she has given me permission to only use her description this time. Thank you soooo much Shameless, you sexy woman! *Huggles* Her Lite Version of this gazebo is what is on sale for 60L. It includes the gazebo with the LiftHigh pose, and both benches have one single and one chat pose. If you touch the top of the Gazebo it will play "You Are So Beautiful", Music Provided by Big Bev Audio. I just love this gazebo, the natural wood, flowers, candles,'s perfect. Certainly makes me want to go buy the full But I know there is no way you can pass up the Lite version for only 60L, so I will see you at Shameless Bits.

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