Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dilly Dollies

There are some days you just wanna "megamax" on the dolly look but still want to look sophisticated. Here is such look which has been inspired by Michi Fhang of Fhang Candy's new range of skins (Luciana). A stunning set which also include umm...teeth. If you (like me) had some doubts about the recent introduction of teeth into skins (I honestly found them a little unappealing..not to mention B word or ummm...orthodontics...hehe). But I would urge you consider taking a second look at this range. Michi has done a fantastic job & the skins are just stunning! (See close up below). I have teamed the skin with this beautiful dolly dress which I absolutely adore. The dress is a Group Giftie & shape is Amy* (my gift to you all for helping Margaux's Group reach 1000+ yay!).


~Withered Williamina dress* @ The Doll House (Free! Group Gift)
~Luciana LineRouge skin* @ Fhang Candy
~Autumn Blue Eyes @ Poetic Colors
~LO1 D hair* @ Time of Angel (Tip: There is a great Group Giftie here, plus lucky boards etc. Hair is also reasonably priced)
~Amy shape* (Free! in Freebie F notices). More shapes here: ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::

More here: Xanthe's Bloggie

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