Friday, February 19, 2010

Ela Designs 60L Sunday, and now Saturday too!

WOW...just WOW! Today Ela Designs is offering something very unique and super HOT. It's a body piercing chain for your sexy booty, yes you heard right. The chain is silver with diamond accents and attaches to both sides just above your butt cheeks. If that's not sexy enough, it also has 5 diamonds dangling down along the top of your butt crack to draw the eye even more. When I tried this on I couldn't stop staring at it. *giggles* Then I showed my friend Than and his reaction was perfect. First I had to give him a tissue to wipe the drool, then he couldn't keep his hands off me. Even yanked me out of the pool and threw me on top of him, his hands running all over my butt. *grins widely* I like a man that knows what he wants. *wiggles her even more adorable and now sparkling butt* If you like piercings you'll LOVE this one.

In my opinion this piercing gives low rise pants new life. You can wear your low rise pants with thongs and look, well trashy is the best word I can think of...but add this piercing and BAM, they turn into something hot and sexy. I have the perfect outfit to show this piercing off just right. Definitely going to have to wear this to the club and see what kind of reactions I get. I'm betting I'll have one heck of a night! *laughs* Though I will have to save that entry for my naughty blog. *winks*

But that's not all you can get for 60L at Ela's this weekend. She is also offering this very very sexy belly chain. Wrap your tummy in decadence with this beautiful chain made of large, marquis cut diamonds. The claps in front is a hoop that you slide the chain through and let it dangle it's dazzling diamonds down towards paradise. *grins* But don't miss the back where you have the same style clasp with both ends drawn through to dangle and draw the eye. This is one of the sexiest belly chains I've seen on SL, and it fits perfectly. This chain brings style, elegance, and sexiness then wraps it all in one sweet little package.

I can't decide which I'd rather wear to the club, so I think I will just have to switch them out half way through the night. *grins widely* Maybe I'll have my own little contest and see which one brings me the most drinks. Wouldn't you buy me a drink to get a closer look at these amazing designs?

I know there's going to be a crowd of men at Ela Designs this weekend to see the adventurous ladies that dare to mosey in to buy this amazing piercing.

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