Friday, February 19, 2010

D&V Creations 60L Sunday, and now Saturday too!

It's mid February already, can you believe it? D&V Creations can, that's why they are offering this super cool pool in the sale for you all this weekend. If you aren't gearing up for summer yet, this pool will sure put you in the mood. It's very beautifully crafted with naturally grained wood beams and planks. I have looked over the vast amount of wood work that makes up this pool and I can not imagine the time and patience it took Veronica to make such an amazing piece. From texture, to wood crafting, to detailed placement, to the steps, to two the level deck design, and even the way she tilted the rail beams to give it even more realism, this woman really knows how to make SL jump into real life. If I had a pool like this in my back yard I'd never leave it. So I guess it's good that I now have it in SL so I can be here to tell all of you about this amazing deal! LOL

And it's not just the wood work that makes this pool great. I love the way the water ripples and shimmers, reflecting the light just like real water would. And the pool floor is sloped so you can walk in or out of it easily. It comes with 4 very nice towels that have single and couple poses (I really really like the couple poses with this, soooo adorable!) that allow you to hang out on the deck OR in the water.

You also get 4 different colored inner tubes with poses that let you relax in the tube OR float beside them. Something I REALLY like about the towels and tubes is that the poses are adjustable from the menu, that makes adjustments so much easier. There is plenty of deck space to add almost anything you want. I'm going to use the lower deck as a bar and dance area, but I also think it would be great set up with a grill and seating or even a little badminton set. It's perfect for intimate pool-side parties with close friends or to invite the whole neighborhood over on a hot summer afternoon.

I still can't believe she is offering this for 60L, if you don't pick this pool up you need your head examined, seriously. *grins* I'll see you at D&V Creations.

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