Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ela Desings - 60L Sunday 6/7 Feb sale

Ela Designs is very quickly becoming one of my favorite accessory stores. Her items are so well made and require so little adjustment, she's spoiling me. *grins widely* She has two items for the sale this week. The first is this sexy lip ring, it's silver with two, criss-crossed attachment points, a chain connecting them with a little heart dangling in the middle. There are also many facets around the face of the heart to make it sparkle and shine in the light.

Elara is also selling her black, white, and silver, leather and beads bracelet collection for 60L. All the different shapes, textures, sizes, materials, widths, and placements of each piece on these bracelets combine to draw the eyes and make this a very interesting set. You have smaller silver beads, larger white beads with a touch of black, round leather bands, flat buckled leather bands, bands attached to bands, etc. One of my favorite aspects of this set is how it looks like Elara has taken one of the silver beaded bracelets and attached each end to a different flat, buckled that if you moved one of the buckled bracelets to your other wrist they would be connected by the beaded bracelet. Mmmmm, restraints. *grins widely*

I couldn't help but use these two pieces to complete my bad girl outfit with the shirt I got from Snowpaws. I also wore Elara's awesome white belt from the sale last week, if you missed the sale you should pick one up anyway cause you sure are missing out on a great accessory. Here's a close up of the lip rings and bracelets on me.

To see the completed look be sure to view the pics in the blog entry below, they go so well together, it's amazing. Don't skip Ela Designs this weekend or you will be kicking yourself.

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