Saturday, February 6, 2010

A&k Designs - 60L Sunday 6/7 Feb sale

Awww, Adrianna from A&k Designs is just the sweetest woman ever! She made an outfit for the 60L sale in my honor. *grins widely* Is that not the sweetest thing??? And it's a very sexy dress too. *wiggles her butt* It's a strapless corset style top that dips a little at the cleavage and clings in all the right places. I love the wavy two toned material design with what looks like little clips holding some in place. The skirt is just my style also, short yet playful. I love the skirts that move around your legs and butt, allowing you more freedom than the straight tight skirts do. And the addition of the wide belt gives it even more of a playful feel.

I've added my best stockings and highest ankle boots with my favorite playful pearls to round out the outfit. I'm wearing it here in purple because that's my favorite color *grins* but the color in the 60L sale is the red and black one. You can also buy it at full price in yellow, blue, pink, and of course Heck, why not just buy the fat pack? I'm going to wear this to my favorite watering hole tonight, maybe the girls will want to play the phone number game. You know, where you see who can get the most phone numbers from guys. I know I can't lose with this sexy dress as my weapon. Woot woot! And I can see my future now, free drinks all night long...hehe

So stop on down to A&k Designs and pick up Kayla. Yup, anyone can do And it's TRANSFERABLE so you can pass it to anyone, that like saying I'm easy? *laughs*